The Agency


ORCHIDS Creative Arts Studio & Talent was founded in 2020. Nestled amidst the ancient Aravali Ranges, four kilometres from the bustling city of Gurgaon, it is an endeavour to assist & encourage the Indian Fashion Industry. We endeavour to create a safe and respectful environment for the models and to offer them thoughtful and appropriate marketing. ​


ADITYA GULATI created and managed Aura Talents, one of the most successful agencies of North India for 11 years.

BUKET CAKIR being an international model herself with extensive experience in China, Hongkong, Italy, Germany and most Importantly India understands the needs and requirements of customers and young models working in a new country away from home.

KUMAR KARUN KRANT is the owner and architect of Dilkushan Bagh, farm and forest. He has 35 years of experience in law, real estate, finance and setting up businesses.

Orchids CAST focuses on providing quality, professionalism, creativity to the advertising world as they partner with magazines, fashion houses, photographers and designers offering them two heritage buildings, a professional studio and farm and forest as location for shoot, events, product launches, fashion shows etc., We are at the heart of all the latest trends in fashion and culture.